Linguistically Talented Motor with Profinet

A base for a variety of new communication possibilities

  • Dunkermotoren BG 96 dPro PN
    Dunkermotoren BG 96 dPro PN

The BG 95 dPro PN from Dunkermotoren is a linguistically talented motor designed as an interface to many common languages. The communication plugs are D coded M 12 plus. Inside of the motor there is a complete communication module which speaks Profinet. It forwards commands from the external machinery control to the internal BG 95 dPro motor control. These commands are obeyed and information about the motor status gets transferred back to the machinery control in Profinet language.

The communication module is also the interface from motor to the outside

All data from the motor are interchanged via this interface. Thus, in case of failure, the motor is also programmed, adjusted and analyzed. In the future, the interface will be able to be used for other Industrial Ethernet languages. The new communication interface allows to communicate with the machinery controls or with other motors, but also to exchange data with superior systems as e.g. a production control system or to save data directly in the cloud or in a data lake. For this data exchange, motors revert to cross-system languages as OPC UA or MQTT. 

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