Lubrication Analysis Solution

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Lubrication Analysis Solution
Lubrication Analysis Solution

Answering the need for real time data and diagnostics for effective machine maintenance decisions, Spectro recently launched its new, integrated solution for on-site lubrication analysis. It is a portable lubrication analysis solution. Possible target applications are equipment used in power generation, transportation, marine, mining, construction and oil exploration, since it is very high value and must operate in extremely rigorous and challenging environments. Regular monitoring of lubricating fluids is essential in keeping these investments running at peak efficiency and to their maximum useful life. Further, lost revenue due to equipment downtime can be substantial to these operators. The time lost in sending samples to remote laboratories in traditional oil and lubrication analysis can be the difference between predictive or reactive maintenance actions. With this battery-powered and solvent free tribology system, users can test for machine wear, contamination detection, and lubricant condition directly at the asset. The patent-pending design, housed in a rugged, briefcase sized package, combines particle counting, filtration and molecular and elemental spectroscopy all in one unit. Using simple, touch-screen technology, maintenance and reliability personnel can cost-effectively perform the eight most important lubrication tests in less than eight minutes; including course wear metals, fluid chemistry, TAN/TBN, water content, viscosity, soot, particle count, and filtergram.

Posted on December 17, 2012 - (1339 views)
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