Mobil Pegasus Natural Gas Engine Oils

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showcased at EuroTier 2014, this range of lubrificants is designed to maximise the productivity and cost-effectiveness of modern farming and animal husbandry operations

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Mobil Pegasus Natural Gas Engine Oils
Mobil Pegasus Natural Gas Engine Oils

The Mobil Pegasus™ range of natural gas engine oils, designed by ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants (Belgium), was showcased the last year at EuroTier 2014 in Hanover. The range helps maximise the productivity and cost-effectiveness of modern farming and animal husbandry operations, reducing maintenance requirements and extending engine life through superior engine protection.

The series' premium product, Mobil Pegasus 1005, can extend oil life, which results in improved oil drain intervals, fewer oil changes and oil purchases, and less labour to help lower operating and maintenance costs and increase engine availability*. The product's detergent-dispersant system also increases engine reliability by controlling wear and deposits, which in turn helps to minimise unplanned downtime and decrease the employee's exposure to hazardous maintenance procedures.

Wear protection of Mobil Pegasus 1005 will help ensure lower maintenance costs and optimal engine reliability and performance. Mobil Pegasus series lubricants can help operators increase productivity and safety, and reduce downtime.

Also at EuroTier was showcased the Mobil Pegasus SR, a high-performance natural gas engine oil specifically formulated for applications using landfill gas. Its excellent corrosion protection properties helps prevent corrosive wear in cylinders, valve areas and bearings, which can result in long engine life and low maintenance costs.

Jarmo Vihersalo, Industrial Marketing Advisor for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants, said: "The advanced Mobil Pegasus natural gas engine oils have been designed specifically with the agricultural industry in mind. The industry-leading Mobil Pegasus series has been recognised for its gas engine lubricant technology for almost 50 years.

During the product-development stage, ExxonMobil's experienced engineers work closely alongside customers and leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to gain insights into new gas-engine technology and lubrication requirements. ExxonMobil's strong commitment to research and development, marked by its 100th anniversary of its Equipment Builder Group (engineers and lubrications experts who collaborate with OEMs), ensures that the company continues innovating, with plans to strengthen its presence in the biogas industry next year.

*Based on comparisons with conventional mineral lubricants.

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Mobil Pegasus Natural Gas Engine Oils

showcased at EuroTier 2014, this range of lubrificants is designed to maximise the productivity and cost-effectiveness of modern farming and animal husbandry operations

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