Monobloc Railways Connectors

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Allow 30% weight reduction

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Monobloc Railways Connectors
Monobloc Railways Connectors

Completing the HyperMod rectangular connector range, Hypertac's new generation of monobloc insulator connectors, the HyperMod NG Series, are suitable for use in high speed trains, intercity trains, trams and locomotives and specifically for applications requiring a safe, fast and removable electrical connection, such as electrical control panels, cable harnesses, and sensors. They ensure the effective management of an increasing amount of data transmissions between the different equipments, such as passenger information and entertainment systems and on-board computers. Due to their metallic housing shell, the the connectors can also be used in outdoor applications such as intercoaches and HVAC. There are three versions available: 64 ways, 16A power contacts, 2mm pin diameter; 108 ways, 10A signal contacts, 1.5mm pin diameter; and 7 ways, 1.2GHz high speed quadrax contacts. The two-part plastic housing covers the IP50 sealing according to NF F 61-030 (dust protection) and allows a 30% reduction of the connector’s weight, which can represent a total weight of 10kg on a train. It offers easier wiring and maintenance; quick access to contacts with the ability to test without disconnecting them; flexible position of the cable clamp in three possible locations; and a locking system comprising of one central lever. One contact only is used for cross section cables of 0.5 to 2.5 mm² according to NFF 63-808 and EN 50-306, using standard tooling. Furthermore, the metal insert for the 7 high speed contact version allows direct ground quadrax contacts, thus avoiding the use of connecting sleeves and reducing the time and cost of implementation. In addition, the metal insert includes two pilot contacts that check the complete mating of the connector. The connectors improve system reliability by eliminating contact fretting, hence reducing wear rates and avoiding system failure. They also benefit from a very low contact resistance and offer a minimum of 500 mating cycles. The company can also supply complete and tested pre-cabled solutions according to customers’ specifications. 

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