Motion Control System KeMotion

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It allows the control of multiple robots


Motion Control System KeMotion
Motion Control System KeMotion

Energy-saving and fast packaging thanks to "Intelligent Motion" Save energy and increase your productivity with the intelligent multi-robot control KeMotion from KEBA. The particular about it is the look-ahead movement planning "Intelligent Motion". It allows the control of multiple robots in the shared working space without getting in the way of each other. Thanks to that into KeMotion integrated feature the motion of the robot-arms is planned in consideration of all moving objects, so that stoppages are avoided efficiently.

There are no continual abrupt start and stop sequences, the movements always are harmonic and dynamic as well. This behaviour leads to numerous advantages. For example both the throughput and productivity are increased up to 10%. At the same time the power consumption is lowered by also about 10%. This is because all robots are in motion permanently and the current consuming starting torques from standstill do not occur.

Posted on November 12, 2015 - (1006 views)
KEBA AG Automation
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