Motorized Pendulum Impact Testers

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Testing metals to Charpy and Izod standards

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Motorized Pendulum Impact Testers
Motorized Pendulum Impact Testers

Instron's MPX motorized pendulum impact testers are designed for testing metals to Charpy and Izod standards. They are available in capacities from 300 via 450, 600 and 750, up to 900 J. Thanks to their motor-driven raising of hammer with auto-return after test, all MPX systems are quick and easy to operate for increased productivity and operator safety. An electromagnetic brake/clutch control allows the hammer to be safely dropped, whilst its dual latch design prevents accidental release and a safety enclosure with interlocks prevents the hammer from dropping and stops movement when any door is open. An adjustable latch height allows for lower pendulum energy/velocity. Different anvil inserts and strikers are available for a complete range of international testing standards, such as ASTM E23 (Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials), EN 10045 (Charpy Impact Testing on Metallic Materials), ISO 148 (Metallic Materials - Charpy Pendulum Impact Test), and GOST 9454 (Impact Bending Test Method at Low, Room, and High Temperatures) as well as for custom applications. The system is CE Compliant.

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