National Instruments Announces Finalists for Northern European Awards

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The judges have selected the best case studies to be celebrated at the Engineering Impact Awards

National Instruments Announces Finalists for Northern European Awards
National Instruments Announces Finalists for Northern European Awards

NI announced the finalists chosen for the Engineering Impact Awards, which is a technical application contest, showcasing the most innovative projects based on NI software and hardware. This prestigious event is to be held in the RSA house on the evening of the 28th of November. NI will commend and award these incredible engineers in the building in which Alexander Graham Bell first demonstrated the telephone: a pioneering application much like the work of these finalists.


A total of eight categories are competed for on the evening and attendees from all industries will be in present including press, partners and analysts. Several finalists will also be presenting their applications the next day at the NIDays graphical system design conference taking place in the Queen Elizabeth II, London.

The finalists:

RF & Wireless Comms

  • World Records in 5G Wireless Spectral Efficiency Using Massive MIMO - Bristol and Lund Universities 
  • Co-Radar: Combining Two Technologies to Increase Efficiency of Airborne, Space-Borne, and Ground-Based Platforms - University of Strathclyde

Precision Control

  • Adaptive Truss: Structural strength when you need it - UCL
  • Revolutionary Control System for Refinishing Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels - Austin Consultants Ltd

Innovative Research

  • Kinelab: Assessing the Motor-Cognitive Skills of School Children with LabVIEW - ReSolve Research Engineering Ltd
  • Recording the Elusive Courtship Song of Fruit Flies - Oxford University

Electronic Test and Measurement

  • Train Zero Model Based Design Facility - Bombardier & Frazer-Nash
  • Sun Explorer: Reliability Testing for The Solar Orbiter Instrumentation - ESR Technology Ltd

Physical Test and Measurement

  • Characterizing Levitating Space Dust with 3D Scatterometry - University of Helsinki
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Canning Town Flyover Above Crossrail Tunnel Boring Machine - Mabey Hire Ltd


  • Combating Unilateral Facial Paralysis with Low-Latency Muscle Reanimation - Tampere University of Technology
  • Saving Lives with the Innovative Bedside Equipment Monitoring System - TBG Solutions


  • MSc Physics Students Take Ownership of Their Learning with LabVIEW - Cardiff University
  • Teaching Measurement and Control to 400 Engineering Students Using Mobile Robots and Quadcopters - University of Manchester

Student Design (Winner Decided by Public Vote)

  • Stratos II+ Rocket: Smashing the European Altitude Record - TU Delft
  • Colorophone: Enabling Blind People to Listen to Light - NTNU
  • Project ALAN: Robotic Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors - University of Leeds
  • DeepFreezeROV: Underwater Robot for Arctic Research - Aarhus University
  • Roadrunners: The Most Fuel Efficient Urban Car in the World - DTU
  • Augmented Communication: Turning Breath into Words - Loughborough University.
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System-based High Precision Linkages
Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Air
Reflowable Thermal Switch
Mobile, Multi-protocol Diagnostics Mercury
Microscope Optics for IR cameras
Level Switches RFS-9 and RFS-12
Digital Multimeter, Gas Soldering Iron and Carrying Case
Verigo Model PB3 Reusable Temperature Data Logger
Compact Power Modules
Modular Compact CPU Board
Absolute Modular Encoders
Connector for Data Transmission
Mass Flow Controller FMA-2600A Series
High-Performance Box PC
Compact True Color Sensor
A new performance class in inductive displacement measurements
Positioning System
Verigo Model PB3 Reusable Temperature Data Logger
Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Laboratory
Co-Creating the Industry of the Future
Ultra-Low Power Accelerometer for IoT
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