New, for solar power measurement !

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SL100-SL200 solarimeter

Test & Measurement

New, for solar power measurement !
New, for solar power measurement !

KIMO, French manufacturer of measuring instruments, has developed hand-held solarimeters dedicated to photovoltaic and thermal installations control.

With SL100-SL200, it is possible to :
- Insolation study (direction and masking effect)
- To specify type of generator to use (photovoltaic or thermal)
- To specify optimal direction for the solar panels installation
- To estimate energetic exposure which will be produced - To control the installation conformity,
- To control installation in use and efficiencies expected

Technical specifications :
- measurement and spot check of solar power from 1 W/m2 to 1300 W/m2
- spectral response : from 400 to1100 nm
- calculation of energetic exposure in Wh/m2
- Values saved (SL100) and values recorded (SL200)

For continuous monitoring, KIMO developed the CR 100 a stationary solution.

Posted on December 1, 2011 - (10403 views)
Kimo Instruments
Zone Industrielle BP 16
24700 Montpon - France
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