Oil-free Screw Type Vacuum Pump

Designed for food processing and packaging

  • Leybold Novadry
    Leybold Novadry

Leybold offers a new oil-free air-cooled vacuum pump of the Novadry series that delivers greater safety and efficiency in food and packaging processes. The vacuum key technology is perfectly suitable for perishable products and doesn’t emit oil, following hygienic criteria in order to increase safety in applications such as tumbling, filling, vacuum packaging and thermoforming. 

Long uptime, robustness and low life-time costs

The oil-free vacuum pump fits applications which – for instance – emit low humidity, such as packaging of cold products, or also more demanding processes with large amount of water vapour (hot meals that must be quickly cooled down). Moreover, the Novadry screw vacuum pump can handle the anticipated contamination inside the gas flow, in organics acids, spices or vinegar.

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