Permeability Meter

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Permeability Meter
Permeability Meter

This sensitive meter from Versaperm can quickly and accurately test hydrocarbon and water vapour permeabilities for a wide range of products and materials. It is simple to use and reduces the time required to make the measurement. The meter determines the amount of hydrocarbon, water or other vapour that diffuses through the materials, containers or products under test. These results are required both to the latest environmental and quality standards. The meter can optionally be confi gured to measure permeability for a variety of gasses including Hydrocarbons, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium and water vapour. The equipment is highly automated, computerised and produces results that can be accurate to within a few parts per million for some gasses.

Posted on September 1, 2009 - (155 views)
Versaperm Limited
10 Rawcliffe House Howarth Road
SL6 1AP Maidenhead - United Kingdom
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