Pfeiffer Vacuum 120 years old

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Worldwide portfolio of vacuum solutions since 1910

Pfeiffer Vacuum 120 years old
Pfeiffer Vacuum 120 years old

Mechanical engineering company Pfeiffer Vacuum has been in existence for 120 years. Originally founded by Arthur Pfeiffer as a fine mechanical workshop, Pfeiffer Vacuum can look back at a long tradition in the development of innovative technologies. “Given our ongoing passion for innovation, many might be amazed to learn that Pfeiffer Vacuum is already so old,” notes Pfeiffer Vacuum Chief Executive Officer Manfred Bender. “But although the company may be getting on in years, it’s still young in spirit. It possesses the rare ability to repeatedly reinvent itself.”
Pfeiffer Vacuum, with its headquarters located in Asslar, Germany, is a leading manufacturer worldwide of components and systems for generating, measuring and analyzing vacuum. The company offers a complete line of turbopumps rated at different pumping speeds in both conventional and magnetic levitation technology, including integrated drive system. And with its further products, such as backing pumps, measurement and analysis equipment, components, vacuum chambers and systems, Pfeiffer Vacuum is able to supply complete vacuum solutions

Posted on June 1, 2010 - (19307 views)
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