Plastic Lock Nuts
Plastic Lock Nuts

Bülte’s selflocking nuts are suitable for applications that require extra security as they eliminate backlash without sacrifi cing efficiency. This type of nut is more effective than standard hex nuts because it includes a no threaded part which closes around the thread creating a lock between the two threads. Self-locking nuts are being used as a secure fastening nut for joining many kinds of parts. They are made from natural Polyamide 6.6 that, when combined with steel screws, provides low drag torque and smooth operation throughout the life of the assembly. They also save weight over the conventional steel/nylon lock nuts. The cost effective plastic nuts are widely used in a variety of industrial applications requiring such properties as strength, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, low weight alternatives and low thermal conductivity. The working temperature range is -30 to 100°C.

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