Portable Measuring System

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Portable Measuring System
Portable Measuring System

BIG KAISER announced Dyna Line Portable, a portable non-contact tool measuring system that delivers the industry's highest levels of accuracy. Dyna Line Portable uses a linear image measuring system based on CMOS sensors with tiny 1.4mm pixels, enabling it to work to an indicating resolution of only 1mm. This means that Dyna Line Portable can measure a cutting tool diameter and total indicated runout (TIR) more precisely than laser-dot measurement systems. The new system can measure tools in a range of 0.1mm to 50mm, using offsets for dimensions over 4mm, and at rotation speeds of up to 400m/min.

As it is based on optical, non-contact operation, Dyna Line Portable avoids the risk of damage to delicate tools. When determining TIR, it can easily measure tools with an odd number of teeth, up to 9 flutes. Due to its portability, measuring only 232mm x 132mm, the new system can easily be carried around to measure different machines. It can be used with 6 C-cell batteries, and an eco mode reduces power consumption to maximise battery life, providing up to 5 hours of portable operation.

Dyna Line Portable has a clear, easy-to-use electronic control panel. For safety, a timer can start measurement at a pre-programmed interval of up to 999 seconds after shutting the machine door and starting tool rotation. "By applying CMOS image sensor technology, we have been able to achieve industry-leading levels of accuracy with Dyna Line Portable- without sacrificing portability or ease of use," says Peter Elmer, CEO of BIG KAISER.

Posted on November 9, 2015 - (436 views)
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