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Power Connectors
Power Connectors

Hypertac developed two and three pole 300 amp inserts with safety loop pins integrated into a single quick release connector shell. Improved connector packaging is achieved thanks to the usage of only one connector shell, latching mechanism and backshell. The HBB 2/3 pole connector includes two 300 amp rated contacts integrated into one connector shell measuring 60mm in diameter and three 300 amp rated contacts integrated into one connector shell measuring 72mm in diameter. This results into a 40% smaller connector footprint and a reduced weight and cost. Special loop pins automatically turn power on and off when the connectors are mated or unmated. The full IP2X protection on the pin and socket in either gender provides extra safety when operating these power connectors in high current and high voltage systems.

Edited by: Filip Burm

Posted on November 2, 2010 - (760 views)
Hypertac GmbH
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94469 Deggendorf - Germany
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