Precision Metal 3D Printer

Printing and Metal finishing in one go

  • Precision Metal 3D Printer
    Precision Metal 3D Printer

Sodick Precision Metal 3D Printer provides the One-stop Solution to Customers.
Core-technologies for whole Manufacturing process are developed within the Sodick Group.

The one process milling is the fully-automated manufacturing method which Sodick newly propose. First, it melts a metal powder by scanning the laser beam. Then the OPM250L finishes the work piece surface and shape by cutting with machining tools. All these process are done by one machine. It even offers the 3D cooling pipes inside the dies and molds. The linear motor drive method is excellent in speed and positioning accuracy, and since there is no mechanical contact, it maintains high responsiveness, stability, maintainability and reliability over long periods.

The performance of this linear motor demonstrates maximum performance in combination with the motion controller (K-SMC) which Sodick has developed over the years. The new "LN2RP" has been developed for OPM250L smoothly connect all manufacturing process. It supports the 3D cooling pipe design for inside the mold and the resin temperature simulation by the original CAD. In addition, it offers the one stop manufacturing method for dies and molds from CAD design to NC program creation by original CAM.