Prevent control network cyber attacks

Webinar: Secure Networking for OPC

  • Prevent control network cyber attacks
    Prevent control network cyber attacks

Whether you are networking OPC inside a plant network, moving OPC data to IT or a DMZ, or connecting remote plants, isolating the data source from the endpoint is critical in preventing cyber attacks. 
In the first of a series of Webinars, we will cover how using the DataHub can keep your data moving, while securing your network.  This session will also cover how to configure the DataHub, including a live demo.
The European Commission's recent NIS 2 Directive makes it clear that the most secure way to connect industrial control and corporate networks is to divide them into zones, and then connect them using one or more DMZs. 
The problem is, most industrial protocols don't work well through a DMZ. Neither OPC DA nor OPC UA were designed for it, as they require open inbound firewall ports. 
Skkynet can help. Our DataHub technology is unmatched for its ability to connect industrial protocols through closed firewalls over multiple DMZs, protecting both corporate and control networks.
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