Proper Machine Lubrication In The Mining Industry

Optimum lubrication helps to ensure maximum productivity and safety at mine sites

  • Proper Machine Lubrication In The Mining Industry
    Proper Machine Lubrication In The Mining Industry

Mining operators are constantly looking at ways to maximise performance and reduce costs. With the availability and output of mining machinery directly linked to the overall productivity and profitability of a mining site, operators can gain a competitive advantage by selecting high-performance lubricants.

ExxonMobil offers a comprehensive range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils, hydraulic oils and greases that work hand-in-hand to enable machinery on mining sites to operate effectively.

"The primary function of a lubricant is to protect equipment, reduce unscheduled downtime and extend oil drain intervals," said Mohamed Mourad, industrial marketing advisor Europe, Africa and Middle East at ExxonMobil. "But the latest advancements in lubricant technology, especially when it comes to fully synthetic based products, mean certain oils and greases provide outstanding levels of protection on top of other potential benefits."

ExxonMobil has formulated a range of synthetic lubricants that help mining companies achieve their safety and productivity related goals. They can also deliver a range of potential performance benefits, such as prolonging equipment life, improving energy efficiency and extending oil life when compared to conventional mineral oils. These lubricants are used in a wide range of stationary and mobile equipment commonly found in mining applications.

They include:
· Mobil Delvac 1™ engine oils are one of the most advanced series of commercial vehicle lubricants available. The range includes Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W-40, a fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil that can help to extend engine life while providing long drain capability for modern diesel engines operating in severe applications.
· Mobil SHC™ 600 Series circulating and gear oils demonstrate the ability to deliver potential energy efficiency benefits up to 3.6 percent* compared with our conventional oils.
· Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ Series, a range of high-performance hydraulic oils that provide long oil life and help minimise deposit formation in severe hydraulic systems. In controlled laboratory efficiency testing, Mobil DTE 10 Excel was measured to provide up to a 6 percent** improvement in hydraulic pump efficiency compared to standard hydraulic oil.
· Mobilgrease XHPTM MINE Series greases are specifically designed to meet the needs of off-highway and mining equipment that require lubricants which offer exceptional extreme pressure / anti-wear performance, and will remain in place even in tough conditions.