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Prosoft Wireless Designer
Prosoft Wireless Designer

This software solution is helping automation engineers to plan and specify their industrial wireless networks. Designed for non-RF specialists, ProSoft Wireless Designer (PWD) simplifies the task of planning and specifying wireless networks. The wizard-based software interface makes it easy to use. It creates a visual layout for the whole wireless architecture. The interface screens help to describe and specify in an accurate manner the key parameters of the wireless network. While the user is specifying his wireless network project, it checks transmission quality for each individual link between radios, according to distances and the recommended accessories. In particular, the software evaluates the signal strength and the expected quality of transmission according to distance, throughput, local regulation, selected material (cable and other accessories losses, antenna gains, etc.). At the end of the wireless project study, a technical document is generated. It details the wireless network: exhaustive description of material for eachnode and of each link.

Posted on June 1, 2009 - (440 views)
ProSoft Technology
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