Radiation Hardened Accelerometers

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Operate at temperatures up to 399°C

Test & Measurement

Radiation Hardened Accelerometers
Radiation Hardened Accelerometers

Suitable for vibration measurements within nuclear and power generation environments, the Endevco model 2273A series radiation hardened piezoelectric accelerometers from Meggitt Sensing Systems are offered with 10 pC/g sensitivity. Available in both top (model 2273AM20) and side connector (model 2273AM1) versions, they handle exposures to gamma flux up to 6.2 x 1010 and integrated neutron flux up to 3.7 x 1018 N/cm2. Incorporating the company’s crystals in the patented Isobase construction, the accelerometers exhibit a flat temperature response over -184 to 399°C, and feature reliable operation at frequencies of up to 6000 Hz. Sensing elements are housed in a rugged stainless steel package, which is hermetically sealed for use in demanding environments. This construction further allows for mechanical isolation of bending motion from the mounting base and low base strain sensitivity, for a transducer series that can continue to reliably operate within extreme environments with up to 10,000 g peak shock survivability.

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