Radio Receiver

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Radio Receiver
Radio Receiver

With its new radio receiver unit, the steute »Wireless« business field is opening up new possibilities for receiving and evaluating signals from self-sufficient switchgear. The four-channel receiver unit evaluates radio signals received on the 868.3 MHz waveband and initiates corresponding switching actions. Both resistive and inductive loads can be switched. The RF Rx EN868-4W receiver can be mounted on a top hat rail and takes up an overall width of just 100 mm in the switching cabinet. It reacts to switching commands from binary radio sensors and switchgear based on EnOcean PTM and STM modules, which can be from different manufacturers. A receiver can be controlled by a maximum of 40 transmitters (10 transmitters/ channel). Transmitters are assigned to receiver outputs in an easy teach-in procedure; one transmitter can be taught-in on several channels. In addition, the module permits several transmitters to be assigned to one output.  Additional functions can also be parameterised via the teach-in mode. This means that the unit can be adapted flexibly to suit individual requirements. For example, mixed operation with transmitters on a PTM or STM basis is possible. As receiver outputs, four potential-free change-over contacts are available. The distance between the switching devices and the receiver can be up to 300 m outdoors and up to 30 m indoors.

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Posted on January 6, 2011 - (1602 views)
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