Reducing Gears RV-N

in enclosed version

  • Reducing Gears RV-N
    Reducing Gears RV-N

Nabtesco's reducing gears of the RV-N series, are now also available in an enclosed version. This ready-to-install version simplifies assembly significantly, for fast and easy integration of the compact and powerful gear heads in the drive train.

Numerous applications such as robotics, as well as rotary tables, machine tools and others require high torques, but offer only limited installation space. In addition, very fast and precise positioning movements have to be carried out with high payloads, and without backlash. This is exactly where the RV-N series shows its strengths: it is especially lightweight and compact, yet has a heavy-duty construction, which makes it ideal for entirely new applications. The compact design is achieved by means of a main bearing with an integrated inner race. High power density is achieved among other things by reinforcement of the eccentric shaft bearing.

The dimensions of the new gear are much more compact than the previous series – the power data remains at a comparable level with an average reduction by one size. Reduction of the weight by 40% reduces the mass inertia and therefore improves the load conditions. Special heat treatment of all components during the production process ensures high thermal stability of the gears and a significantly longer service life. The series is available in diverse sizes with rated torques from 245 to 7,000Nm for numerous applications.