Rethink Task Management with Logbooks

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Electronic log of operator activities


Rethink Task Management with Logbooks
Rethink Task Management with Logbooks

Emerson Process Management. Day to day plant management tasks are traditionally timeconsuming, tedious, and, in many cases, easily overlooked. In addition, scheduling and logging of task completion is frequently managed by a series of paper notebooks, where operators are expected to keep track of all essential task information. While a week’s worth of task management documentation might not be difficult to handle, as the weeks and months add up, the data collection alone can quickly overwhelm the paper tracking system on which supervisors depend. In this whitepaper, learn how you can implement an electronic logbooks solution to streamline task management for supervisors and improve the visibility and prioritization of tasks for operators. Tasks can be scheduled ahead of time or with recurrences to ensure repetitive tasks are not overlooked.

Posted on March 9, 2016 - (759 views)
Emerson Process Management
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