Robust I/O Modules

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Robust I/O Modules
Robust I/O Modules

Belden presents in the EMEA region three new I/O modules in the new LioN-R series from Lumberg Automation, which can be used to securely connect sensors and actuators to EtherNet/IP networks under rugged environmental conditions. These modules will also be introduced in the Americas and Asia later this quarter, are enclosed in zinc diecast housings that meet the requirements of industrial protection class IP67, allow galvanic isolation between sensors and actuators and the higher level bus system. This reliably protects controllers from interference. Vibration-proof M12 connection technology and short-circuit-proof outputs ensure a high level of functional reliability. The three modules each offer 16 digital channels configured as inputs, outputs or a combination of both. Since they are also equipped with a dual-port switch (10/100 Mbit/s), they can be used to implement both line and ring topologies. They also support DLR (Device Level Ring protocol), which means that if a connection is broken, the modules immediately switch over to an alternative ring segment, enabling the connected systems to continue operating without interruption. The easy diagnostics concept allows faults to be located swiftly. Both EtherNet/IP ports are equipped with four-pole M12 connectors with D coding, and the 16 I/O slots, each of which can send or receive two digital signals, have five-pole M12 connectors with A coding. The output current rating goes up to 1.6 A per channel with a maximum total current capacity of 9 A per module. The optimized slot arrangement makes them easy to use even with T distributors.

Posted on October 23, 2012 - (400 views)
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