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Robust Motors
Robust Motors

Drives for iron and steel production, which operate 24/7 in harsh and often high-temperature environments, must be robust and provide long life and high efficiency. They must withstand water, steam, and corrosion just as well as shock and vibrations. Typical operating modes are S5 and S9. NORD provides a wide range of gearboxes, motors, frequency inverters, and servo controllers suitable for all areas of the metal processing industry. Applications include rolling mills, shearing lines, roller tables for slab transport, cooling beds, ladle transportation, and furnace charging and discharging. The company’s robust non-ventilated geared motors provide high starting torques and require low maintenance. Totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV) motors with straight fins designed for frequent reversals provide high protection from dust, dirt, and spray water. Special sealing systems in gearboxes, such as double shaft and labyrinth seals, provide maximum protection, particularly in wet areas. Alternatively, motors with ring fins are available which provide up to 30 kW and improved self cooling through convection. The TENV motors feature a special winding structure for reduced performance and high starting torques; the ratio breakdown torque to rated torque is more than 3. TENV motors are manufactured with ring and straight fins from high-strength cast iron, ensuring maximum shock resistance. Featuring a larger amount of material and bigger bearings and shafts, these specific motors withstand greater loads and have a longer service life than conventional industrial motors in the same performance range. For other steel industry applications, motors with straight fins in cast iron or aluminum housings with self-cooling, up to IP66 protection, or class H insulation are also supplied. A large selection of integrated brakes and heavy duty encoders are available. The company acknowledges the individual requirements of each application and pursues an order-specific strategy, which ensures that performance, torque, bearing service life, oil temperatures, and overall efficiency match the electrical, mechanical, and thermal stress on all drives. In compliance with international efficiency standards, IE2 and IE3 energy saving motors which provide a higher performance, higher starting and breaking torques, and a longer service life than standard models are available.

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Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG
NORD Drivesystems Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 1
22941 Bargteheide - Germany
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