Rotary Direct Drive System

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In 5 frame sizes, 17 lengths & 52 windings

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Rotary Direct Drive System
Rotary Direct Drive System

Cartridge direct drive rotary (DDR) motors from Kollmorgen are available in five frame sizes (108 to 350 mm) with 17 different lengths and 52 standard windings. The nominal values range from 4 to 510 Nm, reaching a peak torque of up to 1,090 Nm, and speeds of up to 1,500 RPM. Additional flexibility is provided by the connections, seals, bearing, feedback systems and hollow shaft dimensioning. The company delivers numerous tools and comprehensive consultation, as needed, in building the optimal solution for the respective application. Besides printing machines, the motors are used in numerous other applications including in punching and forming in the metal industry, web handling and winding in packaging processes as well as molding and sealing processes in the injection molding industry. The motors allow builders and users of printing machines to achieve a 20% higher machine uptime and 30% more throughput than motor-gear solutions. At the same time, they feature 40% fewer components and on average, generate a 20% lower service cost. Significant improvements can also be achieved in acceleration and positioning accuracy, reliability, smooth running, servo drive properties, energy efficiency, and noise development. Over the entire life cycle, the Cartridge DDR motor can generate cost savings of up to 50%. It offers numerous advantages, not only compared to motor-gear solutions, but also in comparison with other rotary direct drives with no housing. Since these motors represent a standard solution – which is also variable and flexibly adaptable – no individual components have to be modified to each other and integrated in the development and production of the machine. In addition, no additional costs are incurred. At the same time, the risk of technical incalculability is also lowered. Combining Cartridge DDR motor with the company’s AKD servo drive can improve the machine performance even further. The motor data stored in the AKD as well as sophisticated control algorithms also permit an even greater precision, an optimized energy demand and finally an increase in productivity. Due to preconfigured boosters and feedback units, the installation and commissioning is further facilitated and accelerated. A sophisticated modular system enables the company to precisely tailor the Cartridge DDR to the individual needs and requirements of its customers.

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Posted on December 30, 2010 - (2418 views)
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