SDH1000 and SUH1000 power supplies

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for intermediate circuits in converters

Energy Efficiency

SDH1000 and SUH1000 power supplies
SDH1000 and SUH1000 power supplies

The 24V power supplies operate on intermediate circuits in frequency converters. With their slim book format, the SDH1000 and SUH1000 are suitable for many types of converters. These 1,000W power supplies offer a wide input range of 350-780(910) VDC, the SUH1000 boasting an additional three-phase AC input of 340-550 VAC. The power supplies make use of the energy fed into intermediate circuits in frequency converters. Their wide input range allows for long buffer times. The 24V output can be adjusted from 22.5V to 26V and carries an output load of up to 40A. In addition, a programmable power boost supplies 200% of the rated current for a total of 2s. Other key features offered by these new power supplies include a high efficiency ratio of 91.5%, a straight output curve and a high level of control accuracy. Several appliances can be connected in parallel and operation is possible between 0 and 70°C.

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