Sensorless Brushless Motor Controller

It includes higher power options

  • Sensorless Brushless Motor Controller
    Sensorless Brushless Motor Controller

Zikodrive have continued to expand the ZDBL Series of sensorless brushless motor controllers with 3 new additions offering up to 30A of power. The original ZDBL Series was launched in 2016 as a compact but powerful series of sensorless brushless motor controllers specifically targeted at OEMS and ranged from 2A to 15A. This range has been used in a large range of applications and has since been sold all over the world. 

The fact that it is now being expanded to include higher power options for those who need a bit more torque is considered a key part of the company’s ongoing development plan by Technical Director Graham Fick. 

“It was always the plan to introduce more power into this range whilst retaining the same functionality and features. The optimisation service we offer is proving popular and I was very keen that we retained this in the expanded versions”.

The ZDBL20, ZDBL25 and ZDBL30 include all of the key features which made the ZDBL10 and ZDBL15 so popular including constant speed, full programmability and a compact and lightweight design.