Servo motors drive F1 racing simulator

Servo motors and amplifiers allow for a realistic experience in a professional Formula 1 racing simulator

  • Servo motors drive F1 racing simulator
    Servo motors drive F1 racing simulator

The Formula 1 racing simulator designed by BallRacing Development (BRD) is used by professional racing drivers for training purposes, includes several motion products that help to create a highly realistic driving experience. Among other products, Kollmorgen AKM servomotors, along with Kollmorgen S700 series servo amplifiers , are used.

The AKM servomotors used in the Formula 1 simulator tilt the driver’s cockpit and move it transversely and laterally. Because of their comparably small size and relatively low weight, they allow fast, dynamic and thereby realistic movements. The AKM servo motors are controlled by three fully digital S700 series servo drives, which are ideal for complex motion tasks because they offer fast current, speed and position control, alongside excellent controllability. The S700 drives also offer an integrated Ethernet connection, as well as safety functions per IEC 61800. An EMC filter, power supply and brake resistor are also integrated. Flexible interfaces make configuration easy.

To execute the movements, three 40mm diameter Thomson Neff ball screws, each with a stroke of 120cm, are used. These high-precision rolled ball screws with specially coated solutions exhibit extremely low rolling resistance with low torque variation, which in turn makes them low maintenance with long service life. Their mechanical efficiency is as high as 82%. The 40mm pitch allows acceleration of over 10m/s2 – which is vital for realistic Formula 1 driving simulation. The high acceleration forces and loads are supported by Thomson 500 Series profile rails, which offer load capacity and rigidity, combined with smooth, low-friction motion.