Silicone Keyboards

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for hygiene-sensitive environments


Silicone Keyboards
Silicone Keyboards

InduKey launches the InduProofTM Advanced hygienic silicone keyboards, designed for use in hygiene-sensitive environments. The focus is on the ability to clean and disinfect the complete device. These keyboards are water, dust and chemical resistant. The even keycaps of the closed surface have no edges and corners that are inaccessible. A touchpad can be foreseen in the keyboard, which can even be operated wearing gloves. The keyboards are designed as desktop versions and can be operated this way on all even surfaces. As there are no mechanical switch elements under the silicone surface the keyboards have a smooth keystroke.

Posted on February 25, 2010 - (835 views)
InduKey Keyboard Production Gmbh & Co. KG
Mahnbrueck 4
08233 Treuen - Germany
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