Small & Flexible Linear Actuators

Offer pre-engineered versatility for a variety of single and multi-axis applications

  • Small & Flexible Linear Actuators
    Small & Flexible Linear Actuators

Haydon Kerk Pittman recently introduced their new MiniSlide™ MSA series. They are designed to solve demanding challenges since lab equipment and automation designers must fit sophisticated motion control solutions into compact spaces. Highly configurable, reducing time, cost, and performance concerns, they are simple to integrate and provide a compact low profile with a stable platform.

Small in size, big in power

The MiniSlide series provide great design flexibility coming with two motor options: a 21mm, size 8 hybrid linear actuator, and a 20mm, 19000 series can stack linear actuator. Moreover, there are nine different lead screw options ranging from ~0.3mm to 8 mm – delivering resolution down to 0.001524mm (0.00006 inches) per step, axial forces up to 45N and accommodating stroke lengths of up to 150mm. Furthermore, four different lubrication options, a rotary encoder feedback option, as well as English or metric mounting hardware standards are available.

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