SME marketing in energy efficiency frame

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How to market your energy efficiency products & services?

SME marketing in energy efficiency frame
SME marketing in energy efficiency frame

Many companies have a complex internal discussions and market research on how best to reach into the industrial energy efficiency market and get new customers. We at EEIP, the biggest global industrial energy efficiency network, did the same thing, looking at the potentials of the energy efficiency market

The energy efficiency market

Size: USD 600 billion per year* and rapidly growing!

Figures for the size of the market of energy efficiency products and services are not easy to find, especially as this market is not defined by a single product or service but covers an entire eco-system, ranging from technology to IT, from finance to policy covering technical, financial, legal, HR, strategy topics...  

Fragmentation: High

You will find global players here but also hundreds of thousands of SMEs and startups. The IT sector massively enters this market. Keywords such as Internet of Everything, Factory of the Future, Demand-Response, Smart Grid are now all linked to energy efficiency.

Complexity: High

Complexity further increases as the financials behind energy efficiency investments depend heavily on a variety of national, regional regulations, on subsidies, tax schemes, different and volatile energy prices and also different starting positions.

SMEs and startups

Confronted with this scenario, two challenges need to be addressed by SMEs and startups: how to become known in the market? Key barriers for SMEs are time and budget. So a SME doesn't have the time to evaluate all marketing options, no time to do intensive marketing by themselves and no budgets to pay advertising agencies.
How to build trust and engagement with a potential new customer? The energy efficiency market is not only complex, fragmented and fast growing. It also exists in a world flooded by advertising.
So here starts the so called "content marketing".

Content marketing

Content marketing is "valuable content", i.e. information relevant for a potential new customer: a best practice or case study, own market research (or "whitepaper"). Content marketing is complex (= requires a lot of your time) and expensive. But the "real trouble" begins with content. The main channels used to "deliver" it to potential new customers are social media. So you have to create a tweet or a post to tell there is interesting content available; identify and select your target group for reaching new customers; and of course track the success of your efforts. Current options available on the market require that you have to do it yourself (time) or let agencies doing it for you (budget)...
We are finally coming to the answer you need: EnergyPages content marketing platform.

How it works

Step 1: you set-up an account and upload the content you want potential new customers to read (max 15 min).
Step 2: WE create the messages for you.
Step 3: WE link to your dedicated Content Marketing Page on EnergyPages where the content is.
Step 4: WE deliver the messages to the energy efficiency network of EEIP - and that means the target group!
Step 5: WE do the tracking and reporting. This is a 12 month full service for you. And besides the time it saves you, it is also up to 10 times cheaper (budget) when you purely compare the cost per clicks (reads)!
Check it out at:

*Source: SBI EnergyReport Dec 2012 "Energy Efficiency Global Products & Service Markets"

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