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Spiral Conveyor
Spiral Conveyor

With floor space in high throughput production processes frequently fully utilised and conveyor lines needing to run through multiple sections, there is often a need to convey products not just over long distances but also to transport them up and down to cater for different line heights. An elegant and very functional solution for this requirement is the new MiniTec WF 3000 Spiral Conveyor which is now available. As well as providing a lift height of up to three metres, the small footprint WF 3000 also serves as a storage and production buffer for conveyed items, all within a small base area. With a conveying distance of up to 50 metres and a floor space requirement of around three square metres, the conveyor transports and elevates a constant flow of materials even under full load. The spiral conveyor consists of a modular conveyor track of up to 15 sections with a width of 240 mm. The height distance between each single section is just 200 mm, maintaining a low incline angle which helps to safeguard against load slippage as well as contributing to the overall compactness of the assembly. The device has an inlet height of 800 mm and an output height of 4000 mm. The variable conveying speed of 5 to 50 m/min allows for very flexible regulation during material flow considering the transport load of up to 3000 N. Despite its considerable conveying capacity and large buffering potential, the outer dimensions of the unit maintain a compact footprint of just 1600 x 1600 mm and an overall height of 4500 mm.

Posted on August 22, 2012 - (625 views)
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