Static UPS with hot scalability

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up to 3 MW

Static UPS with hot scalability
Static UPS with hot scalability

Emerson Network Power has recently launched its next-generation Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the Trinergy™ Cube, designed to meet the needs of enterprise-class data centres and offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability to evolve with today's ever-demanding business trends.

With high power density cores, optimised efficiency at partial load conditions and hot scalability, it delivers adaptability currently unavailable anywhere else in the market. Trinergy Cube can reach up to 3 MW in a single static UPS, enabling extraordinary capacity levels previously only achieved by rotary UPS solutions. The extreme high-power density within the single unit ensures that data centre managers can make the best use of available floor space, overcoming space constraints and ever-rising real estate costs, as well as optimising TCO. Its design is extremely flexible, as Trinergy Cube is scalable up to 20 MW in a parallel system.

It can be easily configured in L-shape or back-to-back to suit the layout of a wide range of installation spaces. Trinergy Cube's scalable and flexible design combines additional features including average operational efficiency of 98.5 per cent, and up to 99.5 per cent maximum efficiency.

Posted on September 9, 2014 - (1172 views)
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