Strain Gauge Modules Enhance Edge Automation Platform

SSR output and relay output options for up to 4 bridges

  • Strain Gauge Modules Enhance Edge Automation Platform
    Strain Gauge Modules Enhance Edge Automation Platform

Red Lion has announced the launch of new strain gauge modules and J1939 and CAN protocol sleds. These are designed to extend and scale its FlexEdge® intelligent edge automation platform.

The new strain gauge modules are easy to install and configure and are available in both SSR output and relay output options, both offer single-loop PID capabilities for monitoring, measuring and controlling equipment. The modules accept signals from load cell, pressure and torque bridge transducers and are designed to operate in harsh environments. With a software selectable 5 VDC or 10 VDC stable bridge excitation voltage, each DMS module can drive up to four 350W bridges. The inputs are also software selectable for low level inputs at ±20 mV, ±33 mV and ±200 mV full scale.

Easy data acquisition

In addition to the new strain gauge capabilities, Red Lion has introduced two field-installable sleds that support either the J1939 or CAN protocol. Providing a seamless interface between industrial equipment and the controller environment, the protocol sleds can be powered and configured directly from the FlexEdge® DA50 or DA70 controller using Red Lion's Crimson software. The new modules make critical performance data easier to collect, more accurate and actionable in real time. This enables plant operators and business managers to get more value from industrial data. Easy installation and configuration saves time, increases operational performance, improves plant efficiency and minimises downtime.