Sustainable Energy Sources of the Future at NEC Birmingham

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Birmingham’s NEC hosted on the 12th and 13th September Future Resource Expo, an exhibition launched to explore future most efficient renewable energies, that aims at becoming the hub of innovation for the energy industry

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Energy Sources of the Future at NEC Birmingham
Sustainable Energy Sources of the Future at NEC Birmingham

It’s not just the UK who have their eyes set to the future of their resources, but the entire world. As fossil fuels begin to see their decline and more and more countries begin to run off on sustainable energy sources, the question remains as to what actually is the most efficient form of renewable energy we can produce. In order to explore these possibilities, PRYSM Group saw the opportunity to expand their environmental portfolio to include this clearly growing and essential market. Future Resource Expo is the result, a fully realised exhibition event that looks to become the hub of market innovation for the energy industry. 

Sustainable energy exploration

Upgrading from the Supply and Demand Zone at RWM, Future Resource was a focussed area filled with service and product suppliers all dedicated to the growing need for alternative, sustainable energy across areas such as water, solar, biofuel and energy efficiency. 

Main exhibitors and topic 

The list of exhibitors included globally recognised brands such as Veolia, Vyncke, Etatron, Flexitricity, Northern Gas & Power and KiWi Power. Alongside the amazing exhibitors, Future Resource Expo had three seminar theatres that played host to seminars lead by the industries most pioneering minds. For companies looking to cut expenditure on their energy costs, Jake North from Amber Energy was able to offer key insight into the emerging technologies that will increase energy efficiency for growing businesses. 

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