Tactile Pressure Sensor Film Technology

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For surface contact stress analysis

Sensor Technology

Tactile Pressure Sensor Film Technology
Tactile Pressure Sensor Film Technology

Sensor Products introduces the release of Pressurex-micro Green (PMG), a tactile surface pressure mapping sensor film product with high resolution and visual detail for fast and accurate surface contact stress analysis. Whether the application involves bolted interfaces, impressions between rollers, fine lines of electronic circuitry, lamination presses or heat sealers, engineers no longer need to be content with grainy and pixilated imagery in your surface pressure maps. PMG is thin, flexible and conformable allowing its use in tight spaces, especially where draping over curvacious surfaces is required. Like other surface pressure mapping products, PMG comes on a roll and can easily be cut with scissors to the desired sizes and shapes required for your application. PMG is a thin (8 mils) color changing visual indicator film that captures and reveals surface contact force between any two physically contacting surfaces, the color change is instantaneous and permanent. The more intense the color the higher the pressure. Sensor Products Inc. offers five distinct pressure ranges of PMG. PMG reveals pressure within these ranges but does not reveal the actual pressure magnitude occurring.

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