Test Currents

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Up to 50,000 Amps nominal

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Test Currents
Test Currents

Although many of the tests for electrical devices are available in all of CESI's laboratories, each is known for certain specific features. FGH's in Mannheim is known for pollution tests on HV bushings and insulators and for the new HVDC test hall as well. The laboratories in Milan are historically recognized for its High Power Synthetic Laboratory for tests on high voltage switching devices, and for its medium voltage laboratory with generators that are not just limited to a power frequency of 50Hz. IPH's in Berlin is focused on efficient tests on prefabricated substations and for its 50,000 Amps supplying test bay for temperature rise tests. Its newest facility provides three-phase currents with a wide range of frequency from 15 to 65 Hz in a 960m³ test bay. This lab meets virtually all requirements including tests for railway applications or test on large generator bus ducts. A very large crane inside the test bay is available for an easy test object's handling.

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