The new IEN Europe website is online!

The renewed IEN Europe platform has been made to ensure an easier, faster and safer way to your favorite content

  • November 23, 2021
  • The new IEN Europe website is online!
    The new IEN Europe website is online!


IEN Europe's new website is online! The new well-organized platform comprises clear and structured navigation menu to identify the latest news immediately and in each section. Reducing loading time, it's new look features gains in performance, speed and security. 

The renewed graphics integrate a more responsive design. Thanks to a font designed to simplify the reading experience, it allows an easier approach to the content. The webpage aims to maximize the readers' experience, highlight the most relevant content. Last, it integrates the Twitter live feed, to always stay up to date.

Graduated in political sciences and international relations in Paris, Anis joined the team in early 2019. Editor for IEN Europe and the new digital magazine AI IEN, he is a new tech enthusiast. Also passionate about sports, music, cultures and languages. 

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