TIM 40 Torque Interface Module

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TIM 40 Torque Interface Module
TIM 40 Torque Interface Module

The TIM 40 module (Torque Interface Module) enables connection to field-bus interfaces like CANopen and ProfibusDP. The module makes the T40 suitable for a wider range of applications. It integrates into Ethernet networks allowing outputs of about 40,000 values per second. In addition to data output, it offers other functions such as scaling and filtering of measured values and zeroing of the torque signal. The module also upgrades the T40 torque flange with additional analogue and digital interfaces (0...10 V, 4...20 mA) to complement the voltage and frequency outputs already available in the torque flange. The interface module is mounted on standard DIN rails and can be directly mounted on a test bench. Protection to IP67 can be achieved using an optional housing. The interface module in combination with the torque flange is mainly used in the automotive industry in motor, transmission or chassis test benches.

Posted on March 1, 2009 - (169 views)
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