Toroidal Sensor

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Optimal performance from 0 to 1000 mS

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Toroidal Sensor
Toroidal Sensor

When combined with the TCSMA or TCSTX toroidal transmitter, the TCS3020 toroidal inductive sensor from Sensorex provides a dependable, user-friendly, non-contacting inductive type conductivity measurement. Designed for an optimal performance from 0 to 1000 mS, it is resistant to the corrosion, coating and fouling common to contacting conductivity sensors. It is suitable for long term deployment with no maintenance. Constructed from Noryl, the rugged sensor has a wide solvent tolerance and temperature stability to 105°C. It operates up to 10.3 bar (g). It is either submersible through utilization of the sensor’s ¾” MNPT threads or can be installed in-line using custom flow cell model FC95C. The sensor includes a standard style ATC measuring element and a 6 meter cable. The highly reliable TCSMA transmitter is designed for online monitoring and is ideal for applications requiring a 4-20mA signal. As a blind 4-20mA transmitter, it drives the inductive sensor and provides a 2-wire 4-20mA output on the same current loop. Featuring selectable measurement ranges, the versatile TCSMA transmitter is ideally suited to work with the sensor. Temperature compensation is adjustable from 0 to 4%/ºC. It features sensitivity to 0.1% of span, repeatability to 0.2% of span and non-linearity of 1% of span for span >3000 µS/cm and 2% of span for span <3000µS/cm. Drift is < 1% of span per month, non-cumulative, and it is stable to 0.2% of measurement range per 24 hours, non-cumulative. The TCSMA offers temperature drift of only 0.06% of range per ºC, span or zero. The TCSMA transmitter is enclosed in a durable, weatherproof and corrosion resistant IP66 enclosure. It features a variety of mounting choices for wall, pipe or DIN Rail installation. The device is loop powered with 16-35VDC. The TCSTX transmitter is a menu-driven (16 to 35 VDC) toroidal conductivity transmitter with 4-20mA isolated output that also is suitable for use with the TCS3020. This transmitter is ideal for on-line monitoring of water treatment applications and aggressive process chemicals. Featuring a user selectable range, the TCSTX transmitter is configurable to multiple full scale ranges: 0-2000 uS / 2.000 mS / 20.00 mS / 200.0 mS / 2000 mS. Sensitivity is 0.05 percent of span or 0.1 uS, whichever is greater.  Repeatability is 0.3 percent of span, or 0.1 uS, whichever is greater. The TCSTX transmitter features a large dual segmented high content display, which indicates conductivity and process temperature simultaneously. Its 4-key driven menu allows technicians to select ranges in the field.  The transmitter is housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure with multiple mounting configurations available.

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