Traditional Image Processing vs. Deep Learning

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Decoding the dichotomy

Artificial Intelligence, Vision & Identification

Traditional Image Processing vs. Deep Learning
Traditional Image Processing vs. Deep Learning

HCL. Deep learning has certainly revolutionized traditional image processing. It has pushed the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence to unlock potential opportunities across industry verticals. Several challenges that once seemed impossible to solve, are now solved to a point where machines are performing better than humans. However, that does not mean that the traditional image processing techniques that have advanced in the years before the rise of DL have been made obsolete. This paper will analyze the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. It aims to provide better clarity on the subject which can help data scientists/ industries choose the most suitable method depending on the task at hand. In this paper, the word “traditional image processing” shall be used to refer to a broader area of image processing which encompasses domains of image processing, computer vision, and classical machine learning.

Posted on August 25, 2020 - (614 views)
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