Ultrasonic Sensor based on Ultrasound

Computes the echoes’ location in a 3D space

  • Ultrasonic Sensor based on Ultrasound
    Ultrasonic Sensor based on Ultrasound

The TS3 sensor from Toposens is an embedded sensor system that sends out ultrasound waves in a frequency range inaudible by humans. It comprises an array of microphones that records the echoes from objects in the sensor’s vicinity and computes their location in a 3-dimensional space. This creates a new way of ultrasonic sensing for autonomous systems. It fits the applications in home cleaning robots and delivery/service robots, enabling them to reliably map an environment with minimal processing power and to localize themselves in predefined maps to execute complex path planning algorithms.

Mimics the echolocation techniques used by bats and dolphins for navigation and orientation in the wild

This sensor performs independently of ambient light conditions and is even capable of detecting mirroring and transparent surfaces. Common ultrasonic sensors usually measure the distance only to the closest reflecting surface, but Toposens’ 3D sensors achieve a field of view of up to 160° and provide simultaneous 3D measurements for multiple objects within the scanning area. 

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