Unconventional Mobility Solutions

ARC Informatique and Ubiquicom cooperate on the design and development of an innovative mobile offering for SCADA that allows the detection and tracking of people and assets directly displayed as PcVue markers in a geographical map

  • Unconventional Mobility Solutions
    Unconventional Mobility Solutions

ARC Informatique, an independent provider in HMI/SCADA software, is especially renowned on the international market for the PcVue®. The PcVue Solutions range provides a flexible solution for supervising industrial processes, utilities and infrastructure. Based in Milan, Italy, Ubiquicom is an award-winning technology company specialized in the design and development of products and solutions for the positioning and tracking of people and assets in unconventional contexts and using unconventional technologies. The two companies at the forefront of technological innovations, chose to collaborate and combine their skills to offer a unique mobility solution. This partnership manifests a joint effort to instill mobility at the heart of supervisory systems.

A deliberate move from ARC Informatique in order to step into the field of Internet of Things (IoT) by interfacing with established networks such as LoRa, Sigfox, etc. 1 / 3 New features for Indoor & Outdoor Positioning Services Based on the real-time monitoring of biometric and environmental parameters, Ubiquicom adds an upper layer application to the PcVue Geo Map Control with its Locator Suite.

Easy to configure and performed via Web services, these new features allow the detection and tracking of people and assets directly displayed as PcVue markers (which can be symbols) in a geographical map. This detection and tracking is efficient whether indoors and outdoors regardless of the network’s type and available communications (GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE). Through this collaboration, ARC Informatique reaffirms its ambition to provide an innovative mobile offering for SCADA.

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