Vacon Moved to New Factory Premises in Italy

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More space for a significant growth in the future

Vacon Moved to New Factory Premises in Italy
Vacon Moved to New Factory Premises in Italy

Vacon has completed the move of its factory operations to new premises near Merano, northern Italy. The new factory provides space for a significant growth in the future. Vacon's old factory building in Italy was located in Naturns. Vacon's new factory building in Postal, near Merano was completed in the summer of 2011, and now the relocation of factory equipment and office facilities has been completed.
"The new building consists of 4,000 m² factory premises, including the R&D laboratory. The office space is 3,000 m². This should provide enough room for a significant growth in the coming years," says Andrea Perin, Country Manager for Vacon in Italy.
"Our new factory is located by the road between Merano and Bolzano, the two biggest cities in the area, which gives us a very good logistics position," Mr Perin continues. The factory building has been built to be in line with Vacon's values of saving energy and protecting the environment.
"The factory is equipped, among other things, with an air-conditioning and heating system that will use the electrical energy coming from the solar panels which will be mounted on the roof of the factory. This allows us to be in some degree energy self-sufficient," concludes Mr Perin.

Posted on October 26, 2011 - (370 views)
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