Vacuum Tweezers

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Picking up and accurately locating small parts

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Vacuum Tweezers
Vacuum Tweezers

Nitto Kohki's vacuum tweezers were developed for those who's job requires them to repeatedly pick up and accurately locate small parts. Examples of application might include industrial manufacturing of precision parts, e.g. semiconductor fabrication, micro-engineering design, optometry, precious stone cutting & jewellers. The heart of the vacuum tweezers is their "Linear Shuttle" vacuum pump, which has already proven itself to perform reliably in many applications for many years as well as being a low noise and vibration solution. The LV125-A consists of the vacuum pump held within a housing. The MEDO Hand MH-100A consists of the same vacuum pump, but additionally includes the vacuum tweezer head, hose, fitting and two pads. A stand for the tweezers and spare pads can also be ordered.

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