Versatile Usable Servo Press

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Completely eliminates transverse forces

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Versatile Usable Servo Press
Versatile Usable Servo Press

IEF-Werner's servo press generation aiPRESS is suitable for the integration in systems as well as for the utilisation as stand-alone system. The base of the drive train forms a massive and torsion-resistant C-frame made of steel with integrated protective cover. Compared to conventional servo presses, with aiPRESS the press sleeve is exactly guided to the pressing process by a precision guide. Thereby transverse forces that have a negative effect on the pressing process are completely eliminated. Thus positioning errors that would have been caused by the deflection of a sleeve are eliminated. A configuration system ensures the exact adaption of the drive train to the required force. Therefore the servo drive always works under optimal operating conditions. Consequently pressings with an accuracy of a few thousandth millimetres can be realised.

The software aiQ-CONTROL was especially developed for the creation of individual procedures for quality assurance. The force-path monitor charts the pressing process and supervises its progress. Measured values that have to stand in a certain relation to each other are monitored by different functions such as envelope curves, windows and force-path-barriers. A further highlight is the intelligent process area lighting aiLIGHT: Per light-colour code it signals the current machine condition and the pressing result.

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