Workbench for Electrical Cabinet and Low Voltage

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With end-stops and holder integrated, the workbench offered by Grangier Constructeur for working on rigid or flexible copper and aluminium bars


DUO from Grangier is ideal for rigid or flexible copper and aluminium
DUO from Grangier is ideal for rigid or flexible copper and aluminium

DUO is a workbench from Grangier Constructeur for electrical cabinet and low voltage switchboards, consisting of a multifunctional punch-and-bend table, allowing quick and easy work on rigid or flexible copper and aluminium bars. DUO is available in standard version for busbars up to 125x10 mm; sturdy and removable casters are provided to make the workstation mobile. For busbars up to 200x10 mm, a heavy-duty DUO workbench is also available.

Workbench with end-stops and holder integrated

The end-stops and holders integrated into the workbench facilitate the installation and manipulation of the bars; the folding head and the cutting / punching machine each have their own footswitch up/down. It takes 10 seconds to mount lasting and robust set of cutting blade or tooling laminated / flexible bar. Wrench or screwdriver isn’t required. Punches have a retractable centre pin which facilitates drilling following a path. Punches are available from Ø5 to Ø18 sizes, and oblong 7x16 to 13x16. The bending machine has a large platform with etched angle line 15/30/45/60/90 degrees and an electric and adjustable stop.

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