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R. Stahl HMI Systems GmbH

R. Stahl HMI Systems GmbHFounded in 1998 under the name of SAE-STAHL GMBH as a joint venture of SAE Elektronik GmbH and R.STAHL AG, R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH today is a wholly owned subsidiary of R. STAHL, the expert in explosion protection. R. STAHL HMI Systems specialises in the development and production of operating and monitoring systems both for standard industrial application and for use in hazardous areas. Since its foundation, the company has been the only provider worldwide of the full range of both types of application. Product lines with clearly defined areas of application, performance-related device classes and individual service and support for customers world-wide are evidence of the company's commitment to customer care.

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Adolf-Grimme-Allee 8

50829 Köln

Tel.: +49 (0) 221 76 806-1000
Fax: +49-221-59808260

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HMI Systems

August 2012

HMI Systems


R. Stahl offers a variety of operating and monitoring systems for installation in cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical sector as well as in other...

Ex HMI Stations

May 2011

Ex HMI Stations

Up to 24"

The communication options that R. Stahl's customers have come to expect from their many HMI systems has now also been implemented for the...

Monitoring Systems

December 2010

Monitoring Systems

with 22" or 24" displays

The SCREEN-TEC T-Ex operating and monitoring systems from R. STAHL are designed to offer increased plant safety and optical access to process...

Human Machine Interfaces

November 2010

Human Machine Interfaces

with energy-efficient Intel Atom processors

A hardware upgrade gives latest generation Open HMI systems from R. Stahl a performance boost in high-temperature environments: the series of...

Slim Enclosure Series

June 2010

Slim Enclosure Series

for operating technology

With their Slim-Line series, R. STAHL launches a set of slim new field housings made of stainless steel for space-saving and protected installation...

Smart CCTV system

February 2009

Smart CCTV system

for hazardous areas

For camera surveillance in industrial facilities, this CCTV solution is also suitable for hazardous areas of zones 1,2, 21 and 22. At its core...

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