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Schmidt Technology GmbH

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Feldbergstrasse 1

78112 St.Georgen/Schwarzwald

Tel.: +49-7724-8990
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Vertical Adjustment Channel for Flow Sensors

November 2012

Vertical Adjustment Channel for Flow Sensors

Increased security for users

The vertical adjustment channel for flow sensors eliminates external influences that result in measuring uncertainties in measuring practice....

Work Place

October 2012

Work Place

Ergonomically height adjustable

Modern work places made by Schmidt Technology are ergonomically height adjustable, according to the size of the operator, and they can also be...

Comparing The Contrasts

September 2011

Comparing The Contrasts

Easy and cost-effective flow measurement

There are different measurement principles for measuring flow velocities and volumetric flows in air and gases. The following comparison clearly...

Measured Value Displays

May 2011

Measured Value Displays

For sensors and transducers

Providing an onsite clearly viewable display of the measured values of sensors or measuring transducers of any kind, the LED measured value displays...

Air Flow Sensor

January 2011

Air Flow Sensor

Designed for clean rooms

In clean rooms the concentration of airborne particles must be as low as possible. This is done through a high rate of air change. In clean rooms...

Flow Sensors

December 2010

Flow Sensors

direct measurement of air volumes

Schmidt Technology's flow sensor SS 20.250 is a device developed on the basis of thermal flow measurement selectively for applications such...

Flow Sensors Provide Clarity

November 2010

Flow Sensors Provide Clarity

Recording compressed air flows at a beverage production plant

With the decision to bottle around a third of the beverages it produces in PET bottles and also to make them itself, the demand for compressed...

Thermal Anemometers

September 2010

Thermal Anemometers

for process control

Thermal anemometers of Schmidt Technology measure the flow velocity and volumetric flows of process gases independently of pressure and temperature,...

Flow Sensors

August 2010

Flow Sensors

measure bidirectional air flows

The flow sensors SS 20.400 from Schmidt Technology detect the smallest air flows and ensure a bidirectional recognition, making them suitable...

Flow Sensors

May 2010

Flow Sensors

suited for high temperatures

Schmidt Technology presents maintenance-free flow sensors suited for temperatures up to 350 °C. The SS 20.650 features special connecting elements...


April 2009

Flow sensors for air and gases

for fast processes, now with fieldbus interface, Profibus DP and Devicenet

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