AB Energy confirmed as key partner for Amadori

A new biogas plant will further enhance Amadori's sustainable and efficiency practices

  • January 13, 2015
  • AB Energy confirmed as key partner for Amadori
    AB Energy confirmed as key partner for Amadori

AB Energy confirms its crucial role for Amadori, an Italian leading company in the food industry (poultry) established both in Italy and across Europe. The company has six plants in Italy, cutting-edge technologies and organization, in which great attention is paid to energy efficiency and environmental protection. Amadori is committed to sustainable growth, aiming to find a balance between consumption reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Not only electricity but also heat production is very important, as hot water and steam are continuously required by the production chain. Part of this "green economy" concept is therefore the development of an integrated efficiency plan, able to involve various production units and based on cogeneration as main solution to meet business expectations. In the last few months, a new biogas plant has been installed within the "energy hub" in Cesena, following a precise energy development plan in which AB plays as reference partner for Amadori, both for the two natural gas fuelled plants and for the modular plants fuelled by biogas.